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This system is provided to assist administrators with verifying the NCLB qualified status of teachers. The HOUSSE (high objective Uniform State standard of evaluation) Lookup includes teachers approved through the HOUSSE process and those who have submitted documentation of NCLB qualified status obtained from other states. Teachers who are NCLB qualified in other states will be considered NCLB qualified in Nebraska for equivalent endorsements. Documentation must be submitted to NDE so that these teachers can be added to the Lookup data system. The NCLB Qualified Teachers information on the Federal Programs website provides additional information and the recommended template for teachers from out of state coming to Nebraska. Click for The Out of State Teacher Form

The Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (EECIA) Test Lookup will provide the passed or not passed status for elementary level and elementary level special education teachers. Nebraska's required passing score is 159.

The Comprehensive Statewide Assessment Lookup includes 2005-06 Nebraska teacher education graduates who completed the Comprehensive Statewide Assessment during their student teaching experience. Teachers who are considered NCLB qualified for content area instruction at the elementary (K-8) levels. (This assessment was approved by USDE only for 2005-06 graduates).

More information about Nebraska's NCLB qualified teacher requirements can be found at: Click for Additional Information
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